Measure Axis Rotation & Tilt & Revs

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This video will show you how I measure axis tilt, rotation, rev rate, and ball speed from video that has been properly shot. For a tutorial on how to properly shoot the video please see: Video Capture Revs & Tilt

- The calculating revs portion of this video assumes a 30fps video. If you want to avoid doing the math there is another method of finding your rev rate, it is actually the method I use most the time. You will still need to use video in a video editing program but instead of counting how many rotations the ball makes in 10 frames, you simply make a note of the frame number at the point of release and the frame number after 1 full rotation, then plug those numbers into the boxes at . You can ignore the third box if you are just interested in your rev rate.

- If you need a video program download MPEG Streamclip. It is not a full featured editor but will allow you to do what you need to do to get these measurements...and it's FREE!

- If you don't have a photo editing program for using the overlay, you can either download GIMP (free) or read this guide: Bowler Specs Spreadsheet