Turbo Switch Grip Tips

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When applying epoxy to either the outer sleeve to fit the hole, or if you have a blank inner sleeve and you want to put a solid slug or mold into it, ALWAYS put epoxy near the top of the hole. Do not spread it all the way down, that way you dont have to worry about build up at the bottom. Putting it at the top will allow it to spread out evenly.

Problem: Inner Sleeve will not turn all the way

Fix: Have to put a new Outer Sleeve in. If you put to much epoxy to glue in the outer sleeve, the epoxy will go to the thumb hole and cause buildup on the bottom, and when it hardens, it will not allow the tabs to turn.

Problem: New inner sleeve will not come out after drilling new thumb hole

Fix: Ice! The heat generated from the drill bit will sometimes cause the inner sleeve to swell and lock onto the outer sleeve. I have found that ice in the thumbhole for 15 minutes will let it come right out!

Problem: Inner sleeve does not fit easily into the outer sleeve

Fix: Sometimes the hole drilled for the outer sleeve is to tight, and will cause the inner sleeve to have to "fight" to get into the outer sleeve and turn. Use Acetone on a microfiber towel and going longwise go over the sleeve. Do not do it for to long!!!! This will help the inner sleeve go down, and not effect it going into other outer sleeves in other balls.