Shift Bowl Technique

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Shift Bowl Technique as taught by Mo Pinel.

Shift Bowl

Shift Bowl Technique

Bowling is at least a 5 count event, even if you take four steps. Overcoming inertia is almost impossible if you try to use four counts. The shift/bowl technique is actually a five step approach with a preset first step . How's that? After trying to teach four step bowlers five steps to help them get started better for years, I discovered how easy it was to teach shift/bowl to a four step bowler. It never takes more than five minutes to teach it. They don't even know they're taking five steps. They get better quickly while they're using shift/bowl. It proves that the hand is still quicker than the eye, so to speak.......Mo Pinel

Preset first step

After taking his stance Kelly moves the slide foot forward so that the left heel is now in line with the right toe. The body weight is then shifted to the left foot and the approach begins.

Words from Mo Pinel:

To get technical, we have two types of steps. They are the "balance beam" step and the "cross over" step. A "balance beam" step is placing the foot directly in front of the previous step. If you cross back over after a balance beam step, it is called a crossover step.

Therefore, a five step approach for a right handers is as follows:

step (left foot)
balance beam step (right foot)
short, quick step (left foot)
short, quick balance beam step (right foot)
cross over slide step (left foot)

Video Examples