Effects of Drilling Finger Holes Deeper

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Effects of drilling finger holes deeper

There are times when it is suggested to drill finger holes deeper to maintain static weight limitations when using certain balance holes. A study was proposed to determine the effects on mass properties when drilling finger holes 2" deep compared to 3.5" deep. Using CAD software, I modeled the double thumb layout of 65x4"x30, based on a PAP measurement of 5" over by 3/8", on a MoRich Frenzy at 15 pounds. The following table shows the mass properties for the un-drilled Frenzy, drilled with no balance hole and drilled with a 1.25" x 3" deep balance hole in the double thumb position. Notice the total differential of the ball does decrease slightly when drilling the fingers deeper but maintains the intermediate differential so the diff ratio actually increases slightly.

Steve Freshour

Frenzy 65x4x30 DT Finger Depth Study.jpg