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Red, White & Blue

While all three patterns (Red, White and Blue) are “house” shots, they provide a variable range of difficulty. USBC Blue pattern is designed to provide the greatest level of challenge as the application of oil is crowned the least of all three (although still more than Sport Bowling). Of the three patterns, the Blue pattern will yield the lowest scoring pace.

As with the Red and the White pattern, the Blue pattern is also offered in three different versions to meet the needs of different centers with a variety of lane surfaces and other factors. Blue patterns may be typical of something you would see at a State tournament and provide a nice stepping stone up to Sport conditions used in the Open Championships or local Team USA Experience leagues.


The red pattern is considered the bowling center's typical house shot.


White 1

White 2

White 3


Blue 1

Blue 2

Blue 3


Pre-2001 Sport Compliant

Special Events

USBC Women