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Brunswick802's Comments

While driving around town today, instead of watching the road, i was thinking about the holy war on here regarding CG placement. As i ran a stop sign, the following idea came to mind.

Just because symmetric balls are symmetric, it doesn't mean that they have to have the same type of symmetry. If you look at the core of the Original Inferno, you will notice that it is only laterally symmetric if cut where the ring goes around the core. The early BVP core and the Monster cores (bell/mushroom) have radial symmetry. (The Fury also has radial symmetry, just not 360* of it and also horizontal symmetry)

My point of the idea:

Imagine turning a laterally symmetric object around its center axis (pin), lets say like a school binder. When it turns, there is a notable difference in the attributes and how the binder's center of gravity (someplace towards the spine of the binder)moves with it moving. Also, think what would happen if you "throw" it by holding it in a different place everytime while keeping it facing up (pin in the same spot).

Now lets look at a radially symmetric object, like a light bulb. When you turn it around its vertical/central axis, there is no difference in the movement of the bulb's center of gravity. Hold it from the bottom so the top (pin) is up and, when thrown, it will travel the same way that if you rotated it 90*, keeping the top facing the same way.

I know this is probably just another crazy thought of mine, but it "could" be why there was a difference in all of the tests done. Not that I believe that the debate would end because of some kid's philosophy.

I just want to know your thoughts on my thought. Hopefully, it might just make us all think a little bit more.

On a side note, wouldn't it be intersesting if the company leading the CGMADDAHS pack makes cores that cause less difference due to 40* radial symmetric cores (or however many corners the diamonds have)?

Anyway, i'd like to hear everyone's comments!