Reducing Grip Pressure

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Reducing Grip Pressure

Most successful bowlers realize that grip tension is an enemy of a bowler being all they can be.
The advice by Mo and MegaMav (Eric) might just get you to your next level. These are simple but golden nuggets of advice that no bowler should overlook.
MegaMavs could be part of some bowlers pre-shot routines.

One of the list of usual suspects in the lineup of what is hurting a bowlers game is
an improper or less than optimum grip and that is why many coaches if not all
will always evaluate a bowlers grip and remind bowlers that their grip should be reassessed on a regular basis.
Squeezing is like trying to drive a car with one foot on the brake and one foot on the accelerator.

The quotes below are excerpts from a topic called KUNGFU GRIP

Quote 1 is by Mo Pinel - A Drill
Mo --- If you feel it slipping, you should add tape as we discussed. But then, if you grab it, you'll probably hit yourself in the forehead.
There is a drill that says to open your hand at the top of the backswing.
The ball will stay on your hand 'til the foul line. Try it.
You will be surprised. If the ball start to slip after you open your hand at the top, add tape.

Additional clarification as written by kart300 via post 18 on
Follow this with a sensation of touching the fingernails and thumbnail to the back of the holes as you reach the high point and keep that hand feeling and relax into the downswing. You need the right amount of tape to get this successfully off your hand at the right time.

Quote 2 is by MegaMav (Eric)
I got over that by just letting the ball come off my hand.
If its does, get another piece of tape, who cares if someone sees it.
If its going to come off, its in the front of the hinge or at the bottom on the way back.