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Note from Mo:

I visited the houses that I consult for on their lane conditions over the last three weeks while doing a research project. 
I'm posting the most successful of the house patterns that I helped with this year.
And NO, I'm not saying where it is. It's on a synthetic lane. 
The pump is set at 50uls. The machine is a Kegel Walker. And YES, it's asymmetrical!

Note from Mo:

Here are the 5 legal house patterns that I've written this fall (2011) for Kegel machines with the drop brush feature.
I've used AMF Reactor LL, Kegel Prodigy for synthetics only, Kegel Infinity, and Brunswick Command successfully. 
The cleaners that I've used are AMF ACC and Kegel Defense C.  When using these patterns, they should tape 2 feet 
From the end of the pattern and adjust the final forward buff speed to get 3 to 4 units on the outside at the end of the pattern.