Grip Test as illustrated by Don Johnson

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Grip Test as illustrated by Don Johnson

Don Johnson is a member of the PBA Hall of Fame

This is something illustrated by Don Johnson on his first video "A Pro's Guide to Better Bowling Volume 1,
it is a "test" to see if the thumb-hole is too loose or too snug.

In his video, Don Johnson described proper gripping pressure of a bowling ball like holding a baby bird, just enough to keep it from flying away, but not so firm as to hurt it.
The key is that we want minimal pressure that will allow the ball to let go of the bowler, not the other way around.

Requirements: the ball, some bowlers tape, a tool to add or remove tape, a place for the ball to fall to, e.g. a soft cushion.

Caveat: The objective of this test is for the ball to drop off the thumb and fall to the ground like Newton's apple following an action an assistant will perform.
A bowler could do this solo.
The bowler can be standing up or kneeling down so the ball does not fall far!

Safety Check: Before performing the test, the bowler should check the ball to see if the ball is obviously too tight or too loose. Adjust the fit if needed.
Remember, at some point the ball will be falling off the thumb. Examine the drop zone before proceeding :o)

Begin the test: Once the bowler thinks it fits well, the bowler should insert their fingers and thumb in the ball as per norm.
Next, the bowler should hold the ball down by their bowling side in a * collapsed wrist position.
The assistant should ask the bowler to open their hand up (relax)and the bowler should confirm that their hand is open.

Continue the test: The bowlers palm should be facing towards the floor and the ball should stay on because the bowler and assistant have already checked to see if it was too loose.
If it does slip off, add tape.
If it stays on, the assistant should position their hand on the back of the bowlers bowling hand (the flipside of the palm).
Now press down and straighten out the bowlers wrist.
If the ball stays on, the thumb is too tight ( adjust the thumb hole tape )
If the ball easily drops off, the fit is good, this is what we are looking for.

*Definition: For the purposes of this test a Collapsed wrist is like you would position palm to push yourself away from the table or on the floor to do pushups.