Fundamentals of the Modern Release

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Fundamentals of the Modern Release

Often when attempting to develop the modern release a bowler only sees the effects; not the causes.


  1. Head over the ball throughout the approach and release (first slide of T.J)
  2. Hand on the inside of the ball at the top of the swing (second slide of T.J).
  3. Maintain the wrist cock entering release (second slide of T.J).
  4. Un-cocking the wrist during the release (various professional releases).
  5. Nike Swoosh!

Professional Bowler Examples

Chris Barnes

Chris Barnes Release

Michael Fagan

Michael Fagan Release

Robert Smith

Robert Smith Release

Tim Mack

Tim Mack Release

Wes Malott

Wes Malott Release

Tommy Jones

Tommy Jones Release

Additional notes from Mo Pinel

Figure 1

"Tilt is created by your fingers moving more left to right across the ball during the swing and the release. Your fingers need to be more on the left hemisphere of the ball at the top of the backswing. That would make your palm facing more toward the right wall at the top of your backswing. From that position, the center of mass of the bowling ball will stay in front of your hand as your fingers move across the back of the ball during the downswing from the top of the backswing and the release. You get to the side of the ball too soon."
You can see Danny Wiseman keeping his palm facing toward the "right wall", as shown in Figure 1.