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About Joe Slowinski

Joe Slowinski

With nearly 25 years of coaching experience, Joe Slowinski, ABD, M.Ed., has served in the role of National Coach, Director of Coaching and Coach Certification and as well as the Training Coordinator for a National Youth Development Program. Malaysia is currently using his elite youth development program. He is a an expert coach and program developer skilled in developing elite national teams, facilitating youth development as well as conducting talent identification. His programs are holistic in nature and include sport science as well as world-class bowling knowledge.

For three consecutive years, 2005 - 2007, he has been named as on of the world's Top 100 coaches, by Bowlers Journal International. He is a contributing writer for Bowling This Month in the Slowinski-at-large column sharing his knowledge of elite bowling and coaching technique. In 2007, he facilitated the launching of a global project to improve our understanding of sport science and elite tenpin bowling performance.


Slowinski is a United States Bowling Congress Silver-Level coach and Level I Instructor. He began his twenty-three year coaching career, at the age of 17 when he was certified as a YABA coach while still a junior bowler himself. Since then, he has earned four additional certifications: USA Bowling Junior Olympic I, USA Bowling Junior Olympic II, USBC Bronze and USBC Silver. He is also an active member of the Professional Bowlers Association (PBA).

Currently, he is on assignment as the Director of Coaching and Coach Certification for the National Sports Council of Malaysia. In this role, he oversees 100 coaches and 1700+ youth bowlers in the national youth development curriculum. He has also developed and written the curriculum and training program process for the Malaysian national youth development program. Specifically, this program consists of three levels: U12, U15, U18. In his role, he has trained nearly 500 coaches as well. Finally, he is one of the Malaysian Tenpin Bowling Congress coaches in which he trains high-performance national youth bowlers, the back-up squad to the national teams.

He is also overseeing the training of 9 Decentralized players on the national junior team. These players live around the country. Slowinski develops their training program and coaches them on-site for several days each month.

Read Exciting Times, an interview with Joe in the Aug-Sept 2006 issue of Asian Bowling Digest and Slowinski Rolls Out His Game Plan, an interview with Joe that appeared in the July 11, 2006 Malaysian Today. And, read Not An Overnight Goal, which appeared in the Borneo Post on January 2007. Slowinski's national evaluation for Malaysia in 2006 was also featured in Bowling Digital at

As a coach, he has developed new approaches to lane play, release, improvement analysis and training. Most importantly, Slowinski has developed an array of bowler correction techniques that allow coaches to effectively eliminate common errors in timing, swing, etc. As an educator, with 12 years of education experience, his understanding of learning theory and curriculum design has helped him design bowling instruction that maximizes individual growth. He truly is a teacher of the sport! He is also a certified lane inspector. He is a frequent contributor to Bowlers Journal and writes a monthly column for both the Asian Bowling Digest and Bowling This Month. His April 2004 Bowlers Journal article, “Filling the Coaches Pool,” earned a 3rd place prize in the 2005 Ebonite National Bowling Writers contest.

Joe as a Bowler

Bowling since the age of 4, Slowinski is also an accomplished bowler who competes in PBA events as well as in many highly competitive amateur tournaments. In 2006, he finished in the top 40 percent at the US Open (186 of 461 competitors) averaging 199 in rounds 2 and3 on the demanding conditions. He has 5 state scratch bowling titles as an adult and was a state scratch champion as a youth bowler. He currently averages 220+ and has averaged 200+ for the past 20 years. As an 18 year-old collegiate bowler at top-ranked West Texas State University, he learned a great deal about the sport, from teammates and elite players such as 1984 World Cup and PBA champion Jack Jurek, PBA champion Mark Scroggins and 2005 Masters Champion Mike Scroggins. This experience began his journey to better understand the complete game of tenpins, from bowling ball layouts and lane play strategies to elements of a flawless physical game and the process of visualization. Slowinski is currently working on two bowling instruction books, one for individuals and one for teams.

Coaching & Player Manuals Developed

   * Level I Coaching Manual (Beginner to U12)
   * Bronze Coaching Manual (Intermediate)
   * Silver Coaching Manual (Elite to World-Class, National Team)
   * U12 Implementation Curriculum, week-by-week implementation guide
   * Bronze Implementation Curriculum, week-by-week implementation guide
   * Silver Implementation Curriculum, week-by-week implementation guide
   * Mental Game Improvement Workbook
   * Ten Year Youth Development Plan
   * Elite Team Development Program
   * Center for the Scientific Study of Tenpin Bowling

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