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Full Roller Layout Comparison for an Asymmetrical Ball

We would like to thank you for asking us to do this research on an alternative full roller layout. I have learned a great deal throughout this project. With Mo’s assistance and a few alterations, I have completed the research on an aggressive full roller layout for asymmetrical equipment and included the findings in the accompanying chart. This research was conducted using an asymmetrical ball, specifically the MoRich mania, and future studies are planned for a symmetrically cored ball. We have yet to perform any testing on this layout but we are confident that the bowtie will remain in the center of the grip. We look forward to hearing from those full rollers who try this aggressive layout.

Standard Full Roller Layout Asymmetrical Ball

The Standard Full Roller layout places the CG ¾” right of the centergrip on the midline and the Pin in the 7:00 position. We recommend a ball with a 3-4” Pin and 2.5 - 3 oz. Top Weight for the Standard Layout. No Balance Hole is used in this layout. I have included a picture for your review.

The Aggressive Full Roller layout for an asymmetrical ball places the CG 2.5” right of the centergrip and ½” above the Midline while the Pin is placed in the 7:00 position. A Balance Hole is placed in the PSA 3” deep. For comparison purposes, I included the mass properties for Pre and Post 1.25” balance holes. We recommend a ball with a 4-5” Pin and 2.5 - 3.5 oz. Top Weight for the Aggressive Layout. Again, I have included a picture for your review.

Aggressive Full Roller Layout Asymmetrical Ball

The accompanying chart includes the mass properties for the un-drilled and drilled balls. Notice that the un-drilled balls begin with the recommended Pin Out distances and Top Weight values for each layout. A negative value of finger weight for the aggressive layout using the 1 ¼” Balance hole indicates thumb weight. Feel free to ask any further questions and please provide feedback. Thanks..

Steve Freshour

Full roller layouts asymmetrical.jpg