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Practice Devices and Props

A Wall

Something there is that doesn't love a wall ...
However, walls can be very useful on the the approach side of the foul line.
With apologies to Robert Frost from whom I borrowed the opening line from, the list begins.

Most of you know about walls on the lanes but are you aware of the many uses of a wall as a bowlers aid? There are more than the initial two that follow.

1) Look at post#4 by Jim Merrell regarding "the ball placement step"

2) Richard Shockley "the finish"

More uses of a wall to come ...

Targeting devices

Always get permission from the center authorities first.

1) Tape
On the lane as targeting devices - connect the dots (a line) several feet apart, look and listen.
On the lane side by side (a corridor) separated by a few boards, object roll the ball between the pieces of tape,use two sets several feet apart

2) PVC Targeting tool
You can buy them, but you can make them for a lot less, you can improvise adding features. This is variation of an old concept. This forum post has suggested spec's and materials list

Motion Monitoring Aid

1) A piece of tape on your PAP during practice sessions can help you see what your ball is doing and when its doing it
A simple method for finding your PAP -

First Step First Aid

A plastic drinking straw can be taped to the approach in the spot you want your first step to go. This was demonstrated in a USBC video


Instructional Material

Last Update 8/2/2013
The Bowling Educational Material listed below have been reviewed by forum members (with a few exceptions. If you have read or viewed these or any others, please add your reviews.
For additional reviews and opinions, try then search by name, then look for customer reviews. You may also find or stumble upon reviews on other forums via Internet Search Engines. There is a prototype format that follows the list.


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Ball Drilling For Dummies Series
with Tim Burg, Joey Cerar, and Mo Pinel

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