Video Capture Revs Tilt

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Additional Tips:
- Capture at the highest quality your camera is capable of.
- The long piece of tape should go from your PAP to above your fingers.
- Use a contrasting color tape to mark your ball, I usually use white electrical tape.
- For those who swing the ball a fair amount, it is ok to line up the camera pointing in the same direction as your ball path.
- If you have control of your cameras shutter speed set it to at least 1/100th or 1/250th to avoid motion blur. Motion blur can make getting an accurate measurement difficult.
- When posting online don't make the video too small or use too much compression as this will cause a loss of detail. Also pay attention to the frame rate (fps) that you save your video at, most video cameras shoot at 30fps (USA, 25fps Europe / Asia) and your video should be exported with the same frame rate. Loss of detail or changing frame rates can make getting an accurate measurement difficult.
- An accurate PAP marking is vital to being able to measure Axis Tilt with the Axis Tilt Axis Rotation Overlay, and even so the Axis Tilt measurement may not be exact.