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Ron Clifton's Bowl4fun

Ron has worked with PBA national title holders, top professional men and women in the PBA and PWBA regional programs, collegiate bowlers and World Team Challenge champions but the majority of bowlers Ron has had the pleasure to help are average bowlers who are determined to improve their game.

Ron began writing bowling tips for a local bowling newspaper at the turn of the millennium and began posting them on this website, The tips gained in popularity and evolved into full-blown articles; eventually some became multi-part series. Later, Ron became a contributor for Bowling This Month magazine, the foremost bowling instructional magazine in the country. You can find his articles in the magazine under the title "Top Techniques".

Richard Shockley's Virtual Bowling Channel

Now a coach for over thirty years, Richard is a member of an elite group of top coaches in the world as a USBC Certified Gold Coach. His passion for teaching players has only increased over the years and as the game has changed, Richard has kept current with all the latest teaching techniques and drills that he uses with top players in the US and throughout the world.

Above 180 Joey Cerar and Tim Burg

Bowling enthusiasts Joey Cerar and Tim Burg have unveiled this website contains: bowling news, views, tips and tricks. is a hub for bowlers–both amateur and professional–to find tools to improve their game; including podcasts, videos, articles and tournament news.

Bill Spigner

Bill has had much success on and off the lanes in the bowling industry. 3 National PBA Titles; 9 Regional PBA Titles, including 1980 Eastern Region Tournament of Champions. Bill has written for Bowling Digest and currently writes for Bowler's Journal International. Bill has an extensive list of accomplishments and credentials, he is both a USBC Gold Level Coach, 2000 and a member of the Gold Level Coach Review Committee since 2001.

Bowling Trainer / German

Thomas is a great contributor to this site. Thomas (known as nsane on

The International Art of Bowling

The International Art of Bowling is a unique bowling experience focusing on the expertise of USBC Gold Level Coach, Ron Hoppe, and USBC Silver Level Coaches, Jason Belmonte and Diandra Asbaty. Not only will the IAB offer superior coaching and instruction, but will also give bowlers a chance to be a part of something revolutionary and new. IAB efforts will be focused globally as well as domestically.

The services we offer range from personal appearances, to Bowling Bootcamp Clinics. The IAB artists, Ron Hoppe, Jason Belmonte, and Diandra Asbaty all specialize in different areas and will customize each event to suit their customer. A menu of choices will be presented to each interested party to assure a complete and well-developed Bowling Bootcamp for their customer.