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Bowler Specs Affecting Dual Angle Sweet Spot

  • Ball speed
  • Rev rate
  • Axis tilt
  • Axis rotation

Finding Your Benchmark Total Sums

STEP #1... Find Speed/Rev Relationship

Start your calculations by finding the relationship between ball speed and rev rate. An example of a well matched bowler would be 17mph speed and 300rpm (off the hand). For each 1mph increase or decrease in speed, a corresponding increase or decrease of about 50rpm would stay matched. Bowlers who are speed/revs matched would start their calculations with 95* of sums. Link Text

STEP #2...Adjust Sum For Speed/Rev Imbalance

Rules of thumb:

  • For the first 50 revs of imbalance (in excess), add 10* to the Total Sums.
  • For the first 1 mph of speed imbalance (in excess), subtract 10* from the Total Sums.

STEP #3...Adjust Sum (of step #2) for very high or very low tilt & rotation.

Mo will also lower the sum of angles for those with very high tilt & rotation, or raise the sum for those with very low tilt & rotation.

  • Lower totals by about 10° for very high tilt
  • Raise totals by about 10° for very low tilt
  • Lower totals by about 5° for very high rotation
  • Raise totals by about 5° for very low rotation