Role of the Trailing Leg and Knee Continuation

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Trailing Leg and Knee Continuation

Action of the Trailing leg

More Knee Bend does not equal Knee Continuation

At the top of her swing Kelly’s body weight is on the trailing leg with both knees flexed.

Top of the swing

As the downswing reaches waist high her body weight is in the process of transferring to the left leg. Her right leg at this stage is behind her.

Waist high

Upper and lower body movement is minimal from the bottom of her swing through release. The left leg is vertical and a flexed right leg is moving towards the tripod position. Important note: the right leg retains its flex as it moves left.

Bottom of the swing

After release and into the follow thru her left knee continues moving forward. The decrease in the gap between her left and right knee is a result of the body mass moving forward against a stopped left foot. If the body mass moves forward without knee continuation the bowler is forced up into the proverbial Flamingo position.

Knee Continuation