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Push: Is the distance a bowling ball will go past the end of the oil pattern prior to reacting and making a move toward the pocket. This is due to speed and revs, More push will be further, Less push will be shorter.

Research at the USBC Equipment Specifications and Certification Department, revealed that rev rate was more important to "push" than ball speed. Specifically, the results of 14 test bowlers, on a 37 foot sports pattern, demonstrated that as revolutions increased, the amount of push increased as well and for those who can achieve a rev rate higher than 350 the amount of push decreased as it increased.

PUSH in Relation to RPM
RPM MPH Push (in Feet)
170-200 16.9 2.3'
200-250 17.7 2.7'
250-300 18.1 5.4'
300-350 18.0 7.7'
350-400 18.4 6.3'
400-500 18.7 5.9'
Stremmel 2006