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Lateral Finger Pitch Fan Chart
Simplified Fan Chart Instructions
Morich Fitting Instructions
Mos Conventional Fitting - Fitting instructions for conventional grip
Thumb Angle Pitch Chart
CLT Instructions - Courtesy of
Jayhawk Fitting Tips - Courtesy of
Turbo Switch Grip Tips - Courtesy of MeNoRevs


The Truth About Drilled Balls Article - by Mo Pinel
The Truth About Drilled Balls Seminar - by Mo Pinel
Effects of Drilling Finger Holes Deeper
DeTerminator Instruction Manual
Oval Thumb Drilling Chart
Target Static Weight Chart
Two Stage Bevel - By JessN16
Weight Removal Chart ~ Courtesy of Jayhawk


Company Specific
Ball Layout Basics
Manufacturer Drill Sheets
Double Thumb
MoRich Double Thumb Layout - includes instructions and a video finding the exact layout based on a bowlers PAP of 5" over by 1" up
Dual Angle Layouts
Dual Angle Layout Method - by Mo Pinel - (DualAngleSPANISH.pdf‎ - translated by 2y2)
Dual Angle Sweet Spot Guide & Examples
Dual Angle Sweet Spot Summary
Dual Angle Ratio Guide - (Guia Para Hallar la Proporcion - translated by elgavachon)
Guía para Determinar la Suma Total - guide to calculate total sums - by elgavachon)
Summary of Drillings for MoRich Perpetual Motion, RipR, N'Sane - Mass properties summary using several dual angle drilling layouts.
Gradient Line Balance Hole
Gradient Line Extra Hole Method - by Mo Pinel
Using the Gradient Line Balance Hole
Final Gradient Line Guidelines
Mo's Recommended
Mo's Simple Symmetrical Layouts - Perpetual Motion Drill Sheet by Mo Pinel
Mo's Recommended Layouts for High, Medium and Low Track Players - mass properties of drilled MoRich RipR included
Full Roller Layout Comparison for an Asymmetrical Ball
Full Roller Layout Comparison for a Symmetrical Ball
Over Rolled Full Roller
PBA Plastic Ball Layout

Bowler Measurements & Reference

Axis Rotation
Rotation and Tilt Chart - Transparent Overlay
Rotation and Tilt Chart
Axis Tilt
Axis Tilt Conversion Chart
Axis Tilt Chart with Dimensions and Diagrams
How to - Measure Axis Tilt
Ball Speed
How to - Measure Ball Speed
Ball Speed vs rev rate comparison chart
Rev Rate
How to - Measure Rev Rate
Positive Axis Point (PAP)
How to - Measure Positive Axis Point
Combined References
How to - Measure Axis Rotation, Axis Tilt, and Rev Rate - Video Tutorial and Tips - Courtesy of MattintheHat
How to - Measure Axis Rotation, Axis Tilt, Ball Speed, and Rev Rate - Spreadsheet Analysis
Video Capture Tips for Axis Rotation, Axis Tilt, Ball Speed, and Rev Rate
Misc. References
Pad Grit Conversion Chart
Asymmetrical and Symmetrical Core Track Flare Chart - Pin to PAP Distance