Practice Devices and Props

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Practice Devices and Props

A Wall

Something there is that doesn't love a wall ...
However, walls can be very useful on the the approach side of the foul line.
With apologies to Robert Frost from whom I borrowed the opening line from, the list begins.

Most of you know about walls on the lanes but are you aware of the many uses of a wall as a bowlers aid? There are more than the initial two that follow.

1) Look at post#4 by Jim Merrell regarding "the ball placement step"

2) Richard Shockley "the finish"

More uses of a wall to come ...

Targeting devices

Always get permission from the center authorities first.

1) Tape
On the lane as targeting devices - connect the dots (a line) several feet apart, look and listen.
On the lane side by side (a corridor) separated by a few boards, object roll the ball between the pieces of tape,use two sets several feet apart

2) PVC Targeting tool
You can buy them, but you can make them for a lot less, you can improvise adding features.
Here a few links with examples and specifications submitted by forum members.
Topic name - PVC Targeting Tool This forum post has suggested spec's and materials list
Topic name - On Lane Targeting Tool
This forum post by forum member bowlaj includes imbedded pictures, specs, and materials.

Motion Monitoring Aid

1) A piece of tape on your PAP during practice sessions can help you see what your ball is doing and when its doing it
A simple method for finding your PAP -

First Step First Aid

A plastic drinking straw can be taped to the approach in the spot you want your first step to go. This was demonstrated in a USBC video