Knee Continuation Drill as described by Jim Merrell

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Here's a knee continuation drill for you:

1) Line up at the foul line for a typical one step drill. (one step back from the line in your regular regular set-up for anyone not familiar with the drill).

2) Hinge the ball forward and into a comfortable back swing height, shuffle your slide foot forward, deliver the ball while sliding your trailing knee up directly behind and lightly touching the back of the slide knee.

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3) I am not recommending the trail leg should touch the knee during regular execution, only while doing the drill.

4) During the regular delivery what should happen is that the distance between the knees is reduced from the point where you enter the slide to when the delivery is complete. (even though the slide knee has continued forward).

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5) With this drill you will experience knee continuation or fall on your face. Practice the drill without the ball before attempting the drill with the ball.

6) Do several repetitions of this drill and then several regular deliveries focusing solely on the feeling of knee continuation. Works best if you stay down until the ball hits the pins. Sound familiar?


_________________ -JMerrell "Simplify the Motion.....Maximize the Results"