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Internet Assets

Last Update - Jan 22 2015 - added Lets Go Bowling Show website

Above 180 Take your game to the next level
Tim Burg and Joey Cerar

Ron Clifton's Articles Archive
Articles by Ron Clifton

Lets Go Bowling Show -
An excerpt from their About Us page
Let's Go Bowling! has been on the air for over 6 1/2 years and is one of the only live weekly radio shows in the United States to promote the number 1 family participation sport "BOWLING". The goal is to help promote the Bowling Industry and inform the listeners of what is going on. This show will have interviews from bowling stars new & old, and will talk about a number of things such as PBA tour, USBC, equipment, tournaments and "The Tip Of The Week" with USBC Gold Coach Bill Zuben and other Gold & Silver coaches. We are constantly trying to bring you the best guest the bowling industry has to offer!

Next Level Bowling - 6 Video Lessons by Norm Duke
Found withing the Tech Tips Tab - Instructional Videos

Rob Mautner's - Modern Bowling

Richard Shockley's VideoTips

Joe Slowinski's Bowling Knowledge