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==Drilling Techniques and Layouts==
==Drilling Techniques and Layouts==
* [[:image:Axistiltguide.xls|Axis Tilt Chart with Dimensions and Diagrams]]<br />
* [[Ball Layouts|Basic Layouts and company recommendations]]
Refer to the Pro Shop Information Section for various categories involving drilling techniques and layouts.
* [[:image:DualAngle.pdf|Dual Angle Layout Method]] - by Mo Pinel<br />
* [[:image:01DualAngleSweetSpot.pdf|Dual Angle Sweet Spot Guide & Examples]]
* [[Dual_Angle_Sweet_Spot|Dual Angle Sweet Spot Summary]]<br />
* [[Dual Angle Ratio Guide|Dual Angle Ratio Guide]]<br />
* [[Freshour Full Roller Layouts Asymmetrical|Full Roller Layout Comparison for an Asymmetrical Ball]]<br />
* [[Freshour Full Roller Layouts Symmetrical|Full Roller Layout Comparison for a Symmetrical Ball]]<br />
* [[:image:GradientLine.pdf|Gradient Line Extra Hole Method]] - by Mo Pinel<br />
* [[MOs Recommended Layouts|Mo's Recommended Layouts for High, Medium and Low Track Players]] - mass properties of drilled MoRich '''''Rip''R''' included<br />
* [[MoRich Double Thumb Layout|MoRich Double Thumb Layout]] - includes instructions and a video finding the exact layout based on a bowlers PAP of 5" over by 1" up
* [[Freshour Plastic Ball Layout|PBA Plastic Ball Layout]]<br />
* [[:image:Trackflarechart.JPG|Track Flare Chart]]<br />
* [[Gradient Line Balance Hole|Using the Gradient Line Balance Hole]]<br />
* [[Double Thumb Layout|Using the Double Thumb Layout]]<br />

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