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But a bit of my background, I work at Bowler's World in Rochester NY. I have been around the shop for 10 years now, drilling for 6. I originally studied layouts and the game under Mike Rose Jr., I took over for him when he moved to employment with Ace Mitchell. He is the one who originally introduced me to Mo. Mark DiSanto is the other driller and he has been on the same press for 25 years, he taught me the underlying techniques, and is a joy to work with. Ray DiSanto Sr. owns the shop, and was the originator of the Ovalmatic jig. Our ball spinners with centering arms are home made. This is our work area, the "Aquarium", in the front window. My press is the 5hp Enco monster on the left:


We have an incredibly "Barber Shop" feel to our shop, people stop in frequently to chat and have lunch or just hang out. it is a very unique place.

For anyone interested this is our FaceBook page, that includes a photo tour. We have changed some things around since last year when the pics were taken so I need to do an update: