Analysis of Elite Bowlers by Bill Spigner

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Bill Spigner's Website

Bill is a USBC Gold Level Coach, a PBA member since 1973, a touring pro from 1974-1985 winning 3 National and 9 Regional PBA Titles.

Bill has been writing the “The Pro Approach” for Bowlers Journal since May, 2008. Prior to writing for the Bowlers Journal Bill wrote “Bill Spigner's Pro's Corner” for the Chicago Bowler from 1985-1990, Bill Spigner's Bowling Clinic for Bowling Digest from 1983-2004, and rewrote past "Bill Spigner's Bowling Clinic" Bowling Digest articles for the TenPin Alley from 2010-2012.

The Pro Approach articles by Bill Spigner will be added monthly, but they will always be three months after they have been published in the Bowlers Journal. If you would like to read Bill's articles sooner go to the Bowlers Journal website to subscribe.