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"Trick Layouts" are a concept used by advanced ball drillers to combat certain situations in lane conditions where a certain read is desired and unable to find in one's traditional layouts.

The concept of "Trick Layouts" really came into exposure on the 2005-2006 PBA Tour season where players and drillers started to think outside of the box with certain core designs and combinations to attack the transitions late in the qualifying blocks and in match play rounds. With matching up playing such a huge role in the scoring pace on tour, it became vital for players to have a few of these condition/ball specific layouts for situations where they would be able to optimize their look on the lanes.

Trick Layouts are a current trend that have come about from the exempt PBA Tour in the past couple of season. These unique layouts have come about due to certain transition phases when nothing in a bowler's arsenal gives them that needed look to get the desired path to the pocket, carry percentage that a bowler needs to keep pace with the field, or to give a look on the lanes that other bowlers cannot duplicate.

Trick Layouts are also unique layouts used in certain balls(most definable with a significant assymetrical mass bias strength) for players of an above average revrate to acheive the designed motion of the ball. The most noticable example of such is when the Ebonite One was released. It has a very high assymetrical mass bias strength and was designed for a long and strong backend reaction. When exempt professionals, Tommy Jones and Patrick Allen, were not seeing this long and strong reaction with the suggested layouts on the Ebonite drilling sheet, they had to come up with a layout that would delay the roll of the core and conserve it's energy for the backend due to their higher revrates.

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